Full control over supply chains and logistics processes

We’ve developed the first neutral platform that gives you full control over your supply chain and your inbound and outbound logistics.

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The first neutral platform for supply chains and logisitcs

Due to outsourcing companies have little to no control over their supply chain and logistics. With the help of our artificial intelligence, companies as well their logistics service providers and suppliers, can better understand, plan and automate processes. Our products “LEAD – The Intelligent Supply Chain Manager” and “BRING – The Intelligent Logistics Manager” learn processes and workflows, and assimilate the experiences of the human workforce.

Full control with LEAD and BRING

Evertracker has developed an Artificial Intelligence that enables companies to control, predict and automate their supply chain and logistics processes. Evertracker has developed two products.

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First neutral supply chain platform

Evertracker offers the first neutral platform that enables companies to take full control of their supply chain and logistics processes. We combine Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

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Evertracker is one of the first artificial intelligences for processes within supply chains and logistics. Our Artificial Intelligence learns processes and workflows of supply chain and logistics managers and is thus unique in the market. In order to control processes, the entire parameters must first be learned, understood and evaluated. This is done by our software. This not only gives our customers more control over individual processes, such as transports, but in particular better control over the upstream and downstream processes, such as orders and their processing. With the help of our solution, work steps can be precisely controlled and time windows significantly minimized. Our customers use our LEAD and BRING products to respond more quickly to deviations, to better plan processes and to eliminate risks almost completely.