LEAD - The Intelligent Supply Chain Manager

With LEAD you get full control of your supply chain and LEAD makes your supply chain absolutely predictable.

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The advantages of Evertracker's LEAD - The Intelligent Supply Chain Manager

With LEAD, you can reduce inventory and free up working capital. You can invest in other areas.

With LEAD, you are able to control processes to meet the highest quality standards.

With LEAD, you can predict events early. Managers can work more proactively in the face of impending problems and increase their own productivity.

With LEAD, you can control all processes without increasing the workforce.

With LEAD, you can automate and digitize tasks, such as billing, controlling and “notification dispatch”.

LEAD is extremely easy to implement.

Receive "Estimated Time of Arrivals" (ETAs)

As LEAD learns your processes, we can provide supply chain managers with ETAs of important parts and products. Evertracker’s LEAD can predict arrival times of these parts, even though the monitored supply chains are highly complex and consist of many touchpoints and process steps. With Evertracker’s LEAD, you can plan significantly better and reduce bottlenecks.

Identify deviations

Our customers can be warned in the event of deviations (for example, products are delivered to the wrong place, face a delay or not following the process steps). Responsible persons can be notified immediately and automatically. If you reduce errors significantly, you save a lot of money.

Manage your supply chain in real time

So far, manufacturers are struggling with the same problem: If there are delays in the supply chain, parts are not on time at the assembly line. Without Evertracker, there is no way to manage all processes in real time (scans are not delivered in real time, scans are made in wrong places, hubs are ineffective). Without Evertracker, real-time information about when problems occur (products are missing or delivered to the wrong place, in the wrong order, at the wrong time) is missing. Evertracker’s LEAD’s predictive real time analytics lets you manage your supply chain in real time. Managers work more proactively in the face of impending problems. Your company increases its productivity.

Identify weak links

When a supply chain is delayed or processes interrupted, it is important to identify the weak link in the chain. Sometimes that’s easy. Sometimes only software can identify the patterns that lead to errors. (Example: A problem only occurs on weekdays during the holiday period when it rains.)

Save a lot of money

Increase your productivity significantly by significantly reducing errors and bottlenecks. Control all your processes in real time and with foresight, without increasing YOUR workforce. Avoid high capital commitment due to buffer stocks in stock. Automate and digitize tasks, such as billing, controlling and “notification dispatch”.

Manage your supply chain automatically

To start a process on time, our customers can trigger events automatically. Example: “To deliver products on time, you need to start the picking and packing now, and order the truck”. Standardized and automated processes lead to an optimal production efficiency without increasing the workforce.

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